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How to resolve JBL Bluetooth Earphones not switching on

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I have JBL T110BT Bluetooth earphones since a few years now and I use them pretty often. I had bought these when I thought I will start doing treadmill (which since then I have not!) and am still using them.

Couple of days back I put my earphones on charging the whole night, which I never recommend. I was expecting these to be fully charged by the morning but what I got was quite different.

My earphones were still on charging and there the white indicator light too was on. I removed the earphones from charging and tried to switch it on. Tried it several times by pressing the power button for different periods. But they did not switch on.

I tried various combinations in pressing the buttons on the earphones and for various time periods but nothing worked. Then I went online to find a solution and among many which didn’t work, found the one which really worked for me. The process is weird but am happy I found it and now my earphones are working fine. Here is what you need to do:

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Press the Power button for 15-20 seconds and while the button is still pressed, plugin the charging cable. Wait for another 5-10 seconds with the power button still pressed and then take out the charging cable. Now release the button and try to switch on the earphones.

Weird na? But you know what, it worked for me.

Did it work for you, do let us know? And, if some other weird process worked for you, do mention in the comments.

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