Vodafone India’s attempt at murder of customer’s privacy

Dear everyone at Vodafone!

I am writing this email with the highest level of disgust and increased levels of fright and shock that any human can feel.

Today, I got my 2 numbers ported out of Vodafone and got myself ported to a competitor network. As was expected I got uncountable calls from your executives, who just started ‘caring’ for me. And, what all of them wanted was me to stay on the network!

After saying No to many of them I literally stopped taking the calls. But the ordeal did not stop here. 
All the limits were crossed when one of your executives called me from this number – 9811204569.

There was a lady on the other side who introduced herself as from Vodafone and asked me to ‘forward an SMS, that she will send me, to 1900’. Having worked in the telecom industry myself, I was taken aback as I had not heard of this step ever. But, when I checked the SMS that she sent me, I understood the foul play. 

The SMS that she had sent me was ‘CANCEL xxxx’ (the X here means my mobile number which I have requested for porting out). This is absolutely disgusting, a scaring attempt at invading my privacy, a ruthless way to keep the customer who does not like your network and the most immoral thing a corporate could do.

I know you will think I am just making up some story myself. But look at the screenshots below:

Screenshot showing that I received a call from the said number:

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-31 at 9.47.44 PM.jpeg

The messages which were sent from the same number to be forwarded to 1900

WhatsApp Image 2020-08-31 at 9.23.00 PM.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2020-08-31 at 9.47.44 PM.jpeg

for those who don’t know what the above message would do – this message is a short-code for cancelling the port request from my side. And, the executive attempted to fool me into sending this message so that the port request could be cancelled.

This may sound very menial thing. But, think – why India is seeing surge in online and mobile based scams? Because we let such people go who make attempts at murdering the privacy of their customers!! Because, we think that this is just a small matter and should not be publicised so much. Because we DO NOT CARE about privacy!!

My bad luck that I could not record the conversation I had else would have presented that too as a proof because I know you are going to deny every fact that she even contacted me or maybe that she works for Vodafone. 

Now, answer these questions:

  • The request for porting is supposed to be system driven. How did she get my phone number to call me from a personal number, even if it was for retention?
  • Is this the level of cheating your guys have gone down to that your people just don’t care about the privacy of a person at all??
  • Your websites have a page on Ethics – what does that actually mean to you??

I want legal action to be taken by you against these people as they are acting for you and I need to know what action you have taken.If you still think that I am making up the story, I give you permission to listen to the call I had with this number and make that CDR accessible to me too.

I am marking as many people on this email so that this email gets noticed!

With disgust,

Mohit Khurana

2 thoughts on “Vodafone India’s attempt at murder of customer’s privacy”

  1. Oh Man, this is bad, as people are really harassed whe they port out. A single phone call should suffice. And over and above that the lady tried to fool the customer by providing misinformation.

    1. Yes, and if you notice, the lady mis-informed me about, what would sending that SMS would do. This is exactly like the fraudsters who take away your PayTM money or do similar things by calling you.

      How different are these Vodafone executives from those fraudsters?

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